SOGO Brand Proposal

Brand Strategy Proposal

Brand Strategy Proposal

We look forward to providing SOGO with marketing services specifically relating to logo development, brand, positioning and messaging. 

As Alive’s primary interest is in the success of SOGO’s App, we believe our value extends well beyond that of a traditional marketing agency. Our designs, concepts and recommendations will be tested with real users and validated against the learnings from our Business Design, Experience Design and Visual Design teams. Selecting Alive for these marketing services will also ensure the seamless transfer of information from team to team ultimately producing better validated outcomes faster that are directly connected to SOGO’s success.

Download the brand strategy proposal for 17K outlining the specific deliverables. 



Brand & Marketing Strategy

SOGO App Realistic Mockup

SOGO App Realistic Mockup

The plan is to build brand awareness and desirability by introducing a new way to play and experience social golf. The goal is to become the market leader by driving app downloads and socially reinforce ongoing pay to play behaviour.

  1. CLARITY - Create a Brand Manifesto to capture the company’s essence  
  2. IDENTITY - Design a desirable visual identity with supporting tagline
  3. RULES - Create identity usage and style guides for consistency across all media
  4. ACTIVITY - Develop an omni-channel marketing plan and execute against it
  5. MEASURE - Track the ROI of all activity to optimise marketing effectiveness

Brand Differentiation 


Working Logo Design


Initial SOGO Holding Page 

Final Concept Design

Final Concept Design

Early Concept Design

Early Concept Design


Data Driven Design

Usage & Conversion Analytics

Usage & Conversion Analytics


Selected Logo Design


Dosh is a premium brand aimed at decreeing consumer, that utilises its understated logo design to re-enforce its brand promise; which is to help simplify and de-clutter peoples lives so they can just focus on what is essential and not slowed down with choice and complexity. This is re-enforced through their clean and functional product design and by embracing the maverick brand archetype within their marketing messaging and visual imagery.


Making Logos more emotive


The Squish brand utilises the paradigm of an octopus to do a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to brand messaging. It's an unusual animal, squishy to hold and has several tentacles to interact with and a large dilated eye makes it appealing to kids and looks interested. It exaggerates the sensory experience people will have playing their mobile games


Designing logos with meaning


Key business concepts and company values are symbolised and combined to create a visual identity that is unique and becomes a paradigm that represent the essence of a company

Using the Golden Ratio creates designs that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye


Mobile Marketing Mix


Paid media plays a critical role in scaling any mobile application, with a solid understanding of SOGO’s target audience and a lot of confidence in the projected lifetime value, Alive can begin to put together a plan to launch your mobile app through smart media tactics.

  • Mobile AD Networks
  • Paid Social Media
  • Digital Display
  • Native Advertising
  • Paid Search
  • Broadcast TV
  • Radio
  • Outdoor
  • Events


Owned media consists of all the websites, apps, mobile sites, Facebook pages, blogs, stores, and any other channel that the SOGO brand owns and manages.

If Alive succeeds in attracting your target audience to SOGO’s owned properties, this will be the most sustainable solution in the long run. But it will take focus and great content to make this work for the SOGO app.

  • Blog
  • Mobile Website
  • Email Newsletter
  • Social Media
  • Customer referral programs


The best type of marketing is word of mouth; having real people talk about the SOGO app provides credibility and drives viral growth. According to research by Nielson, 77% of consumers are more likely to buy a product they learned about through friends of family.

  • Blogs & review Sites
  • PR & influencer Outreach
  • Customer reviews
  • Partnerships & Stunts

Pepper Financial Services

Pepper Group engaged Alive to support the launch of their first mobile app - Pepper Peak. The launch kit featured a package of elements that educated employees on the capabilities and benefits of the app. Once launched and “in the hands” of staff, we then designed and executed a cross-channel marketing campaign to promote the app to broader industry audiences, positing Pepper as one of Australia’s leading mobile-enabled financial institutions. 

  • App Case study
  • Email Newsletters
  • FS Industry Speaking Events
  • Interactive instruction manual (iBook)
  • Magazine Advertising
  • Press Release & Media Coverage
  • Production Video
  • Stakeholder Testimonials
  • Supporting Blog Articl 

David Jones

Recognised as Australia’s premier retail store, we prepared a package of communication assets for the groups In Store prototype app. Educational dialogue, introducing the benefits the solution delivered the business and it’s customers were prepared for issue to the business’ executive team. We then scripted and produced a video case study, for use by the retailer, showcasing the process utilised to create the prototype app. 

  • App Case study
  • Blog Articles 
  • Email Newsletters
  • Feature Booklets
  • Interactive instruction manual (iBook)
  • Stakeholder Testimonials
  • Production Video

Marine Rescue NSW

Marine Rescue NSW are a 3,000 strong volunteer force committed to saving lives on the water. Working closely with the organisation we developed a campaign strategy for the launch of their MarineRescue App that coincided with Sydney’s annual boat show. The deliverables comprised event flyers, an educational video and feature articles in trade publications. The strategy helped deliver MRNSW 5,000 downloads during the first fortnight of release.

  • App Case study
  • Appstore (screenshots, description & keywords)
  • Blog Articles & video reviews
  • Email Newsletters
  • Instructional Video
  • Magazine editorials
  • Promotional Flyers
  • Pull-up Event banners
  • Stakeholder Testimonials

Sample Instructional Videos


Sample Promotional Videos